Challenging Cancer



Featuring some of the world’s leading experts, many who are cancer survivors, the Challenging Cancer Series is packed full of counseling and spiritual insights. It is comprised of five video-based and two audio-based individual and support group counseling programs. This series helps in guiding others on how to offer hope, encouragement, strength and deep spiritual wisdom.

Course Lessons

Unit 1: The Survivor Project: Contagious Hope for When You Have Cancer

  • Lesson 101: When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer
  • Lesson 102: Taking Care of Business
  • Lesson 103: Grieving the Loss of the Way Things Were
  • Lesson 104: Good Days, Bad Days and Better Days
  • Lesson 105: Creating Intimacy with God and Others Through Difficult Times
  • Lesson 106: Understanding Our Differences: Personalities and Coping
  • Lesson 107: Tough Questions Cancer Survivors Ask
  • Lesson 108: Living with Uncertainty
  • Lesson 109: I Want My Flowers While I’m Living (Bonus Lesson)

Unit 2: The Caregiver Project: Offering Hope & Care to Someone Who Has Cancer

  • Lesson 201: When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer
  • Lesson 202: What In the World Can I Do for My Loved One?
  • Lesson 203: Caregivers Caring for Themselves: Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  • Lesson 204: The Heart, Mind and Soul of a Cancer Survivor
  • Lesson 205: The Faith Factor: The Role of Prayer and Faith in Healing
  • Lesson 206: Physical Realities of Cancer: Creating a New Life
  • Lesson 207: Facing the Hope of Life and the Hope in Death
  • Lesson 208: Facing the Future: Questions About Life After Cancer
  • Lesson 209: Facilitating Faith-based Cancer Support Groups (Bonus Lesson)

Unit 3: The Barnabus Project: Spiritual Encouragement & Wisdom to Fight Cancer

  • Lesson 301: When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Lesson 302: Both Sides of Hope
  • Lesson 303: Strength for the Journey

Unit 4: The Tyler Project: When Your Child Has Cancer

  • Lesson 401: When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
  • Lesson 402: The Journey Ahead: Treatment Challenges and Blessings
  • Lesson 403: Relationships, Support, and Healing: Surviving and Thriving as a Family

Unit 5: The Papa C Project: When Your Parent Has Cancer

  • Lesson 501: Facing Your Fears
  • Lesson 502: Healthy Boundaries for Adult Children
  • Lesson 503: Facing the Future


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