Psychological Effects of Shame 2.0

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Psychological Effects of Shame 2.0


Shame is a universal human experience, whether it is triggered by others’ actions or the client’s own actions. Shame invades the mind, body, and soul and when left untreated, creates a stunted and diminished life. As licensed mental health professionals, it is important to understand a willing Christian client’s beliefs about shame, to help them overcome shame using their belief system and to live lives of abundance in line with the beautiful intention of Jesus Christ. The goal of this course is to teach participants how to do this by addressing the effects of shame upon the mind, body, and soul – three essential aspects of human nature – using the therapeutic methods found in psychological science and the Christian faith.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will… 

  1. Identify specific effects of shame upon the body, mind, and soul for a willing Christian client 
  2. Outline the relationship between psychological science and the therapeutic tools of the Christian faith to address the effects of shame 
  3. Develop practical tools for overcoming the effects of shame upon the Christian client 

Course Presenter

Megan Clunan, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Human services in the Education and Counseling department at Moody Bible Institute. Dr. Clunan is a licensed professional counselor and has worked in the counseling and human services field for more than 10 years—serving in private practice, inner-city schools, and community agencies. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University, Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling, and her PhD from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Course Lessons

PESH 101: The Psychological Effects of Shame on the Body 
Megan Clunan, Ph.D. 
According to the Christian faith, the human body is a part of God's good creation. The Fall has affected the body, just as it has the rest of creation, shame being one of the many ways this effect manifests. Like many emotions, shame is a body-based emotion, meaning it is experienced and stored physically. Through this portion of the training, Dr. Clunan will address how shame affects the body, identify its physical signs, learn where it is held in the body, and examine how Chrisitan clients may become trapped in shame's physical repercussions. Participants will learn how to help Christian clients find freedom utilizing their faith via the redemptive work of Jesus and the instruments of psychological science as clinicians explore the effects and entrapments of shame upon the human body. 
 Runtime: 1:09:19

PESH 102: The Psychological Effects of Shame on the Mind 
Megan Clunan, Ph.D. 
The battle to overcome shame often begins and is sustained within the mind. Through this portion of the course, Dr. Clunan will address the effects of shame upon the mind. Specifically, how a mind entrenched in shame thinks about oneself and responds to the world around them. Through the use of Christian Psychology, participants will discover how to guide willing Christian clients through transforming a shame-based mind into a grace-based one. 
 Runtime: 1:05:04

PESH 103: The Psychological Effects of Shame on the Soul 
Megan Clunan, Ph.D. 
According to the Christian tradition, people are mind, body, and soul beings. Even if one’s soul is redeemed and justified in Jesus Christ, Christian clients believe that they still live in a fallen world where fallen realities, like shame, continue to cause an effect. As such, the impact of shame upon one’s soul is present for all people. Within this portion of the course, Dr. Clunan will address how shame affects the soul, the various entrapments the soul takes on as a result of experiencing shame, and how to walk with willing Christian clients toward healing the soul through various soul-care techniques. 
 Runtime: 1:07:49

Continuing Education     

3.0 CE Credits available for LPC, LMFT, and LCSW.   

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) offers some psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and play therapists Continuing Education (CE) credit due for good standing with certain states and a limited number of professional organizations. It remains the responsibility of each participant to be aware of state licensure and CE requirements.  

Participants should check their state and/or local regulations regarding required continuing education hours. For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit: https://lightuniversity.com/continuing-education-statements/