Turn Your Love Around 2.0

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Turn Your Love Around 2.0 offers counselors insight and information into navigating disaffection, common communication issues, and marital conflict. This course will help caregivers work with clients who are struggling in their relationships as listeners explore how to help couples come out of the pain and develop a health marriage.


Course Lessons

TYLA 101: Love on the Rocks: How Couples Lose at Love and Marriage
Tim Clinton, Ed.D.
Within this lecture, Dr. Clinton identifies how couples can turn a period of disaffection around, as well as what clinicians and caregivers can do to help. There is always hope for restoring the beauty that God intends for each marriage relationship.


TYLA 102: Love on the Rocks: Coming Out of the Pain
Tim Clinton, Ed.D.
In Part II of this presentation, Dr. Clinton continues to share insight regarding moving from a place of disaffection to relationship collaboration. This portion of Clinton’s lecture will focus on best practices for couples and caregivers in working with problematic marriages.


TYLA 103: Seven Habits of a Healthy Marriage
Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
Every couple desires to have a healthy, balanced, and vibrant marriage. Those who are married, engaged, or even in a serious relationship, should learn about what makes a healthy marriage. People who are successful in all walks of life have often learned what it takes to produce excellence. Explore some of the common denominators that are critical in going from good to great and develop a biblical understanding on “running the race with endurance.”