Suicide Prevention 201

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Welcome to Suicide Prevention 201: Trauma & Suicide Prevention for Special Populations!

This course will outline suicide in special populations such as Teens, Military, and the Elderly. Suicide is the number one cause of death for people 15-49, and 22 veterans kill themselves every day--about 8,000 a year. This innovative curriculum offers what you need to incorporate effective prevention and intervention strategies for your practice or ministry!


SUI 201: The Changing Tide of Teen Suicide 

SUI 202: Teen Suicide and Self-injury 

SUI 203: Helping Teens in Crisis 

SUI 204: Combat Stress, PTSD, Reintegration and Suicide 

SUI 205: Military Suicide, Prevention and Intervention: What You Need to Know 

SUI 206: The Impact of Suicide on Military Marriages and Families 

SUI 207: The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma, Grief and Loss -- Part 1 

SUI 208: The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma, Grief and Loss -- Part 2 

SUI 209: Restoring the Shattered Self: Treatment of Complex Trauma 

SUI 210: Elderly Suicide and Homicide 

SUI 211: Passive Suicide and Self-Neglect 

SUI 212: Trauma-Related Suicide Risks for Older Veterans 

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