Sexual Betrayal, Deception and Trauma 2.0

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Intimate deception through pornography, affairs, cybersex, and prostitutes creates an unexpected relationship rupture and throws a couple into crisis. Understanding the impact of betrayal trauma and what tools can be used to help clients heal is critical to recovery. Blending her expertise in trauma and post-traumatic stress, training in neuroscience SPECT imaging, EMDR, and brain optimization, Dr. Sheri Keffer will discuss the world of betrayal trauma by providing evidence-based interventions and strategies aimed at reversing the impact. Sexual Betrayal, Deception and Trauma 2.0 will train mental health professionals to help those impacted by sexual betrayal live again by recapturing their true identities and restoring their brains, bodies, and minds to health.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Discuss myths and depathologize betrayed partners by looking through the lens of present trauma, shame, and wounds of commission
  2. Analyze trends in partner trauma recovery and consider how to use a multi-layered trauma model
  3. Evaluate the impact of trauma on the body’s nervous system

SBDT 101: The Complexity of Sexual Betrayal
Sheri Keffer, Ph.D.

In this lesson, Dr. Sheri Keffer will discuss the complexity of sexual betrayal, how to understand betrayal trauma, and will introduce different models of trauma and abuse.

Runtime: 47 minutes 1 seconds

SBDT 102: The Trauma of Betrayal and Affairs
Sheri Keffer, Ph.D.

Safety, truth, and trust are all integral parts of a healthy relationship. In this lesson, Dr. Keffer will discuss the different types of betrayal trauma and the effects on the betrayed partner.

Runtime: 56 minutes 3 seconds

SBDT 103: Treatments for Betrayal Trauma
Sheri Keffer, Ph.D. Runtime:

In this lesson, Dr. Keffer will discuss different intervention models for couples with betrayal trauma and how to heal the betrayal wounds.

1 hour 9 minutes 4 seconds

Continuing Education

2.75 CE Credits available for LPC, LMFT, and LCSW.

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) offers some psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and play therapists Continuing Education (CE) credit due for good standing with certain states and a limited number of professional organizations. It remains the responsibility of each participant to be aware of state licensure and CE requirements. Participants should check their state and/or local regulations regarding required continuing education hours. For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit: