Positive Psychology and Soul Care 2.0

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This course is designed to equip counselors to help their clients lead meaningful and spiritually rewarding lives. Positive Psychology and Soul Care 2.0 focuses on helping people to flourish in their relationships, work and home environments, and their relationships with God.


Course Lessons

PPSC 101: Transformational Psychology: Core Spiritual Practices for Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy
Gary Moon, Ph.D.
Dr. Moon explores the basic concepts of transformational psychology and emphasizes the importance of Christian spiritual formation. He also covers the different techniques used in transformational psychology such as using the three studies of psychology, theology and Christian spiritual formation, and also talks about the necessary requirements in order to unify these three techniques.


PPSC 102: Food for the Soul: Positive Psychology and Spiritual Formation
Mark McMinn, Ph.D. and Lisa McMinn, Ph.D.
Mark and Lisa McMinn discuss the food aspect of positive psychology which is rarely discussed among the psychology and sociology fields. Mark covers the importance of CSA Community Supported Agriculture and the mistakes psychologists have made by only focusing on the issues of food in psychology instead of the multiple benefits such as positive emotion, engagement, purpose, positive relationships and positive accomplishments.


PPSC 103: Bringing People into God’s Presence
Ron Hawkins, Ed.D., D.Min.
Before real help is offered that has a biblical and Christ-centered foundation, caregivers must first understand who God is, His nature and the awesome power He can provide in the life of both the counselor and the counselee. This session shares how to value and rely on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in counseling ministry so that others can be led toward freedom and renewal.

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