Love and Relationships 2.0

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The goal of Love and Relationships 2.0 is to help clinicians, counselors, lay-leaders, and/or caregivers to be better equipped to help couples in all stages of marriage. This course explores current research on dating and courtship decision making, female sexuality, and what it takes to keep love and passion alive in any marriage.


Course Lessons

LAD 101: Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons
Greg Smalley, Psy.D.
Finding the right soul mate for marriage is one of the most important relationship decisions a person will ever make. Scripture informs people of faith on how to successfully move through the process and do so in a God-honoring way. This presentation addresses some of the key principles for selecting a life partner—from understanding God’s purposes, to finding contentment, identifying character qualities and spending time together.


LAD 102: Women and Sex: Freeing Women to Embrace Their Sexuality
Cliff Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N.
As sexual therapists, educators and seminar leaders, Dr. and Mrs. Penner have identified common attitudes and expectations among women toward their own sexuality, as well as their role and responsibility for sex in marriage, that enhance sexual fulfillment. This presentation focuses on the characteristics of women who enjoy sex, are able to listen to their bodies, affirm and express their sexual feelings, provide the best conditions for their sexual times, overcome sexual difficulties, and have fun in the marital bed.


LAD 103: Keeping Love Alive
Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
Divorce in the second half of marriage is becoming an increasingly common occurrence, even for Christian couples. Dr. Mintle examines several potential risk factors related to the Boomer generation, as well as the latest findings in attraction research. Faith-based and counseling strategies for enhancing the marital bond include building marital friendship and intimacy, scheduling time together, and managing conflict well in order to create shared meaning.

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