Life Recovery Coaching 301

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Together with the 12 Steps and 12 Laws, Life Recovery 301 provides the ideal companion course for a comprehensive training program. The 12 Gifts of Life Recovery describes how to take clients beyond sobriety and direct them to pursue exceptional lives that are rich and full of God’s gifts. By integrating recovery principles into every facet of life, counselors and caregivers can better understand the biblical path to authentic transformation. This comprehensive course is a fantastic resource for coaches, counselors, and pastors alike!

LRC 301: The Gift of Hope
LRC 302: The Gift of Power
LRC 303: The Gift of Character
LRC 304: The Gift of Clarity
LRC 305: The Gift of Security
LRC 306: The Gift of Abundance
LRC 307: The Gift of Wisdom
LRC 308: The Gift of Self-Control
LRC 309: The Gift of Courage
LRC 310: The Gift of Happiness
LRC 311: The Gift of Serenity
LRC 312: The Gift of Peace