Interpersonal Neuroscience

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Interpersonal Neuroscience is designed to help shape a deeper understanding of neuroscience and its use in therapy. This course provides insight on the various aspects and functions of the brain and its application to clinical work and intervention strategies related to a variety of mental disorders and conditions.

INS 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Neuroscience
INS 102: Core Principles of Interpersonal Neuroscience
INS 103: Practice Models: Understanding Memory, Depression, and Anxiety
INS 104: The Neuroscience of Everyday Life
INS 105: Greenspan’s Integrated Developmental Model
INS 106: The SECURE Model of Change
INS 107: Effective Empirically-supported Treatments for Depression Part I
INS 108: Effective Empirically-supported Treatments for Depression Part II
INS 109: The Neuroscience of Trauma and Recovery: Trauma-related Disorders and an Overview of Effective Treatments
INS 110: Antidote to Trauma I: Distress Tolerance and Affect Regulation
INS 111: Antidote to Trauma II: Cognitive and Emotional Processing Interventions
INS 112: Antidote to Trauma III: Enhancing Identity and Strengthening Relationships