CHDV 209: Healthy Sexuality: Understanding Intimacy

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This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality, while additionally addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy, sexual difficulties, and abortion. Students are provided helpful tools to instruct today’s parents on discussing sexuality with their children from a developmental perspective. Presenters offer biblical insights and clinical advice on sexual issues, pregnancy, and dealing with issues of miscarriage and infertility.

Module 1:
CHDV 209-101: Welcome and Introduction
CHDV 209-102: Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective
CHDV 209-103: Redeeming Sexuality: Recovering God’s Plan for Our Lives
CHDV 209-104: Molder of Romantic Dreams
CHDV 209-105: A Father’s PR Agent
Module 2:
CHDV 209-201: Teaching Our Kids about Sex
CHDV 209-202: Teaching Kids about Sex I
CHDV 209-203: Teaching Kids about Sex II
CHDV 209-204: Dates with Dad
CHDV 209-205: The Hurried Child
Module 3:
CHDV 209-301: Girls: The Fair Sex I
CHDV 209-302: Girls: The Fair Sex II
CHDV 209-303: God’s Great Idea: Toward a Theology of Sexuality
CHDV 209-304: Making Course Corrections
CHDV 209-305: Teenage Attitudes
Module 4:
CHDV 209-401: Pregnancy Issues: Contraception, Complications and Concerns
CHDV 209-402: The Miracle of Life: Fetal Development
CHDV 209-403: Protecting Your Child’s Sexuality
CHDV 209-404: Dealing with a Pregnant Daughter
CHDV 209-405: The Myth of Fame and Fortune
Module 5:
CHDV 209-501: Teens and Sex: Taming the Drive
CHDV 209-502: The Dangers of Hooking Up I
CHDV 209-503: The Dangers of Hooking Up II
CHDV 209-504: Teens: Choose Battles Carefully
CHDV 209-505: Ride Down the Rogue
Module 6:
CHDV 209-601: Protecting Your Children in a Dark Culture I
CHDV 209-602: Protecting Your Children in a Dark Culture II
CHDV 209-603: Girls Uncovered I
CHDV 209-603: Girls Uncovered II
CHDV 209-605: Girls Uncovered III
CHDV 209-606: Attack on Authority
CHDV 209-607: Bonding in Marriage
Module 7:
CHDV 209-701: Abortion and the Law: Ethics, Liability, Client Rights and Current Statistics
CHDV 209-702: Defunding Planned Parenthood I
CHDV 209-703: Defunding Planned Parenthood II
CHDV 209-704: The Comparison Trap
CHDV 209-705: Freedom and Respect
Module 8:
CHDV 209-801: The Seven Desires: The Roots of Healthy Relationships
CHDV 209-802: Why Purity Matters I
CHDV 209-803: Why Purity Matters II
CHDV 209-804: Parents Offering Every Advantage
CHDV 209-805: When a Friend’s Marriage Breaks Up