FPP 201: Family, Faith and the Future

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This course compares and contrasts the cultural and biblical worldviews of both marriage and the family as core societal institutions and lays a theoretical foundation for future direction and advocacy. Philosophical, theoretical and spiritual dynamics are examined from a Judeo-Christian perspective and in light with current social norms.

Module 1:
CHDV 201-101: Welcome and Course Introduction
CHDV 201-102: Turn Your Heart Toward Home—Power in Parenting: A Father’s Look Back
CHDV 201-103: Family Development and Conceptualization of Family Functioning
CHDV 201-104: The Foundation of Society
CHDV 201-105: Pressures of Moms of Preschoolers
Module 2:
CHDV 201-201: Parenting with Love and Grace
CHDV 201-202: Love for a Lifetime I
CHDV 201-203: Love for a Lifetime II
CHDV 201-204: Love for a Lifetime III
CHDV 201-205: We’re in this Boat Together
CHDV 201-206: Keys to a Healthy Marriage
Module 3:
CHDV 201-301: Depression in Children and Adolescents
CHDV 201-302: Emotion Coaching Teenagers for Cognitive and Moral Development
CHDV 201-303: Diffusing the Teenage Time Bomb
CHDV 201-304: Lost in Space: The Teen Years
Module 4:
CHDV 201-401: Building a Safe Haven in Marriage
CHDV 201-402: The Spiritual Training of Children I
CHDV 201-403: The Spiritual Training of Children II
CHDV 201-404: Growing Up with Values
CHDV 201-405: Simple Kindness
Module 5:
CHDV 201-501: The Satisfaction of Raising Children
CHDV 201-502: Gender Roles and the Power of Receiving the Blessing
CHDV 201-503: How Dads Shape Kids
CHDV 201-504: Be There, Dad
Module 6:
CHDV 201-601: Childhood Development: An Attachment Perspective
CHDV 201-602: Creating Special Playtime with Your Children
CHDV 201-603: Communication in the Family
CHDV 201-604: Talking About Self-esteem
Module 7:
CHDV 201-701: Teaching Biblical Values to a New Generation
CHDV 201-702: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality I
CHDV 201-702: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality II
CHDV 201-703: Moms and Sons
CHDV 201-704: Good Family Man
Module 8:
CHDV 201-801: Maintaining Health and Wellness in a Stressful Digital World
CHDV 201-802: The Broken Family Epidemic
CHDV 201-803: Forgiveness