Extraordinary Women

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Extraordinary Women is a 30-hour training program designed to educate and equip a community of helpers within the church to offer careful, Biblical encouragement, direction, hope, and personal growth to women in a complex world. Women are having a profound impact on the church and making an extraordinary difference in the lives of those around us! As God continues to shape His vessels like a potter forms a jar of clay, let us as women and those who minister to women become more adequately equipped to handle life’s difficulties while enriching our hearts, encouraging our souls, and expanding our ministry. If you feel called by God to make a difference in the lives of people around you, let us help equip and train you through Extraordinary Women.

EW 101: Woman & Her God: Prayer, Devotion, & the Spiritual Life
EW 102: A Woman & Her Body: Fitness, Diet, Beauty, & Healthy Living
EW 103: A Woman’s Soul: Self-Concept, Identity, & Fulfillment
EW 104: A Woman’s Ministry: Sharing the Faith & Growing the Church
EW 105: A Woman’s Finances: Finding and Keeping Financial Freedom
EW 106: A Woman’s Personality: Understanding Yourself & Others
EW 201: Being a Godly Woman: Just Between Us Girls
EW 202: “I’m in love!”: Dating and Preparing for Marriage
EW 203: Fifty is Gold! Life Through and Beyond Menopause
EW 204: Seasons of a Woman’s Life
EW 205: A Woman’s Guide to Handling Conflict
EW 206: Living Beyond Your Circumstances
EW 301: Women and Depression
EW 302: Managing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety
EW 303: I’ve Got to Get Control! Body Image & Eating Disorders
EW 304: On the Threshold of Hope: Healing from Sexual Abuse
EW 305: No More! Standing Against and Healing Spousal Abuse
EW 306: Unity in the Church: With One Heart
EW 401: Make Yours a Great Marriage!
EW 402: Female Sexuality and Satisfaction
EW 403: Spiritual Intimacy: Embracing the Heart of God in Marriage
EW 404: Beyond Betrayal
EW 405: Talk, Touch, and Tenderness in Marriage
EW 406: A Marriage without Regret
EW 501: “Always Daddy’s Girl”: The influence of Your Family of Origin
EW 502: Mothering Strategies to Help Kids Through Changing Times
EW 503: Encouragement and Strategies for Single Moms
EW 504: Passing On Your Faith without Turning Off Your Kids
EW 505: Beyond the Empty Nest
EW 506: A Woman’s World: What’s for Sale in the Marketplace of Ideas