Crisis Pregnancy 101 (No Videos Provided)




This training has a mission to empower an army of coaches and counselors on behalf of the unborn and those wrestling with whether to choose life or abort. Crisis Pregnancy 101 presentations provide all the necessary content to help equip coaches, counselors, etc. for effective ministry and professional care.

Course Lessons

  • MLCPC 101: Living and Serving in a Broken World: The Power of RelationshipsThis session will focus on how coaches may connect with clients through building relationships. Participants will learn how to most effectively minister to clients by being attentive to all their needs. The qualities needed to be a crisis pregnancy worker will be discussed as well as how men can play a role in ministering to women in crisis pregnancy situations.
  • MLCPC 102: The Sanctity of Life: Theological and Historical FoundationsThis session will focus on the theological and historical foundations of the sanctity of life. Dr. Hawkins will discuss the difficulty of this subject matter and gives coaches foundational information about a biblical response to the creation of human life. Participants will be given Scripture to back up these statements and will learn the importance of speaking truth into clients’ lives while providing them help during their crisis situations.
  • MLCPC 103: The Abortion Determined Woman: Pregnancy Decision-makingThis session will discuss how coaches may best welcome new clients into their center. Participants will learn the most common feelings associated with crisis pregnancy situations and will understand how to help clients deal with their fears and pressures. Participants will also learn how to effectively speak to the father of the baby and will be advised on how to provide resources to each client.
  • MLCPC 104: Basic Helping: Essential Listening Skills and TechniquesThis session will explain the ten characteristics of a good listener. Participants will learn how to best connect with clients and the signs that a connection has occurred. Coaches will understand how to use helping skills on the phone to learn more about each client and her situation. This session also discusses the importance of confidentiality when working with clients.
  • MLCPC 105: Hello, May I Help You?: Making a Difference on the PhoneThis session will discuss how coaches may best meet the needs of clients through telephone calls. Participants will learn how to build trust, understand the client’s needs, and convey confidence and empathy through the phone. Through role playing examples, participants will learn more about an effective phone conversation.
  • MLCPC 106: Coaching Parents and Families Using the 3 C'sThis session will discuss how coaches may best work with clients and their families on communication, confrontation, and conflict resolution. Dr. Mintle explains the importance of open communication between parents and children and how coaches may best speak the truth in love to their clients. Finally, the options an expecting mother has will be discussed and Dr. Mintle will explain how to effectively help clients through this process.
  • MLCPC 107: Searching for Significance: Self-Identity vs. God-IdentityThis session will discuss the different false beliefs that women in crisis pregnancy situations may be facing. Dr. Scalise provides Scriptural insights on how we all can be sure of our worth in God and will compare our present suffering to that which Jesus experienced. Coaches will learn how to convey these biblical principles to their crisis pregnancy clients.
  • MLCPC 108: Healthy Sexuality: God’s Design for Love, Sex, and RelationshipsThis session will teach coaches how to approach the topic of healthy sexuality. Dr. Laaser will describe God’s design for sexuality and will discuss principles coaches may apply when working with clients. He will also explain the five dimensions of healthy sexuality and will provide coaches with scriptural references for healthy sexuality.
  • MLCPC 109: Unintended Consequences: HIV and Sexually Transmitted DiseasesThis session will teach crisis pregnancy coaches of the unintended consequences of sexual activity, including sexually transmitted infections (STI), pregnancy, and emotional pain. Dr. Bush will address the impact of sex on the body and brain. Coaches will gain more knowledge about risky sexual behavior and will be more equipped to talk about these issues with their clients.
  • MLCPC 110: The ABC's of Crisis Intervention: Crisis Pregnancy and its AftermathThis session will discuss the identifying characteristics and results of a crisis. Participants will learn how to best meet clients in their time of need and how to identify the different stages clients may be at upon seeking help at the crisis pregnancy center. Finally, the ABCs of crisis intervention will be discussed, as well as spiritual action items that may be implemented by crisis pregnancy workers.
  • MLCPC 111: Care and Counsel: The Family, the Church, and the CommunityThis session will discuss the issues surrounding a crisis pregnancy and the ways in which the family, church, and community may help the women experiencing such life change. Participants will learn strategies for coaching and ways in which they may assess the unique needs of the individuals affected by an unplanned pregnancy.
  • MLCPC 112: The Role of Evangelism: Becoming Ambassadors for ChristThis session focuses on the power of evangelism within crisis pregnancy centers. Participants will learn how to most effectively lead clients to Christ and will be given helpful hints on how to make evangelism natural in conversations. This session will also provide participants with information on EvanTell’s evangelism training resources.

NOTE: This is a No Video Provided (NVP) Course. Your purchase includes the workbook and online test only. Videos are not included. NVP Courses are designed for use in small groups where one member has purchased the full course with the videos and additional workbooks are needed. If you do not already know someone who has the videos, you will need to purchase the full course as the videos are not included in this purchase option.

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