Couples Recovery 2.0

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Couples Recovery 2.0 will equip counselors with the biblical insights and practical tools needed to minister to couples who have been affected by infidelity, addiction, or domestic violence, and help them find healing. These three, one-hour presentations will prepare you to provide help and support to couples experiencing marital crisis.


Course Lessons

CR101: Stabilizing After the Disclosure of Infidelity
David Carder, M.A.
Tragically, infidelity in marriage is becoming increasingly common. This session describes the structure of counseling with couples who have experienced adultery. The counselor cannot save the marriage, but he or she can help the couple work through the contamination of the affair.


CR102: Domestic Violence and the Abuse of Power
Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.
Domestic violence is a major concern in today’s society. This session covers elements of treatment planning for those who have experienced domestic abuse while describing common mistakes and applying biblical truth.


CR103: Couples and Addiction Recovery
Mark Laaser, Ph.D. and Debbie Laaser, M.MFT.
Addiction affects the lives of many individuals, but an individual’s addiction also has repercussions for others. In this session, the presenters speak both from the personal experience of recovery and from their personal clinical practice of working with couples in recovery.

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