Caring for Teens God’s Way

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Are you currently ministering, or have a desire to minister, to today’s teens? In a nation that claims to be very dedicated to teens, we find that they are one of our most underserved populations. And with the exception of those few adults who really care about today’s teens, they have no advocate. If you feel called by God to make a difference in the lives of teens around you, let us help you help them through Caring for Teens God’s Way. Featuring 30 cutting-edge lectures from some of the world’s best counseling experts, Caring for Teens God’s Way is designed to help us create an “army of leaders” who love and effectively care for teens in our homes, counseling centers, churches, communities and more.

TECO 101: The Wired Generation: iPods, Internet, Games, MySpace and More
TECO 102: Peer Pressure: Making Wise Decisions When It Counts
TECO 103: Everything is Changing: Hormones, Body, and Brain Development
TECO 104: Pushed to the Limits: Balancing Rules, Relationship and Respect
TECO 105: When Kids Go Bad: Dealing with Anger, Defiance and Rebellion
TECO 106: Connecting with Today’s Teens: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk
TECO 201: Lonely Teens and Broken Relationships
TECO 202: Starving for Relationships: Attachment Wounds and Love Hunger
TECO 203: Life on the Dark Side: Evil, Sin, Cults and the Occult
TECO 204: Can You See Me?: The Teenage Search for Significance, Identity and Self Worth
TECO 205: Strong Fathers/ Strong Sons and Daughters
TECO 206: Strong Mothers/ Strong Sons and Daughters
TECO 301: Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Hanging Out and Hooking Up
TECO 302: Technical Virginity: Knowing and Setting Boundaries
TECO 303: Sexual Acting Out: Safe Sex, STDs and Sexual Orientation
TECO 304: Teen Abortion, Parenting and Adoption: Trends, Issues, and Challenges
TECO 305: Caught in the Middle: Teens and Divorce
TECO 306: Dating Dangers: Violence and Sexual Assault in Teen Relationships
TECO 401: Moody: Teen Stress, Anxiety and Depression
TECO 402: Walking the Thin Line: Health, Diets and Eating Disorders
TECO 403: School Problems and Learning Disabilities
TECO 404: Getting Buzzed: Winning the Alcohol and Substance Abuse War
TECO 405: High Risk Males
TECO 406: High Risk Females
TECO 502: Hazing, Violence, Gangs and Inner City Risks
TECO 503: Triage Counseling: Building Parents’ and Teens’ Faith
TECO 504: Facing Major Decisions: College, Work and Marriage
TECO 505: Teen Self-Injury: Self-Mutilation and Cutting
TECO 506: Teen Suicide: Issues and Intervention