Caring for Seniors God’s Way 101

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Caring for Seniors God’s Way: Introduction and Core Issues will help counselors to respond to clients who need care at every stage of life. This course is designed to help shed light on the tough issues the elderly wrestle with today as well as learning to confidently use the Bible when working with those who need direction, support, and encouragement.

Course Lessons

GERO 101: Introduction to Gerontology and Aging

Gerontology and aging is a study of our future. As the aging population increases in the United States and worldwide, there is a growing need for counselors, coaches and caregivers with training in aging issues. This overview of aging identifies the significant issues and needs of a new generation of elders.

GERO 102: Demographics of Aging: Life Expectancy and Social Issues

The population is increasingly growing into a society that encompasses a large amount of elders. Adaptations need to be made to accommodate this aging population because of the mental, physical, emotional, and social impairments that are common among the elderly. By preparing to end life well and making life adjustments as necessary, the aging person’s life can be more enjoyable.

GERO 103: Multicultural Issues of Aging

This session explores the characteristics of various cultures, specifically those that pertain to the care of aging individuals. Hispanic, Asian, and African American cultures will be discussed and elaborated upon in order for counselors and coaches to be better equipped to interact with clients of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

GERO 104: Comprehensive Strategies for Quality of Life and Health Care

This session will describe a four-part model following the CARE principles in learning how to make wise decisions when facing healthcare challenges with a loved one. The model is a helpful instrument that will equip counselors, coaches, and caregivers as they reach out to equip others.

GERO 105: Acute and Chronic Illness in the Aging

This lesson focuses on aging, factors that accelerate aging, common illnesses in aging, and interventions that slow the aging process and maximize functioning. Aging is a chronological and functional process, but functional aging incorporates a more accurate depiction of the aging process.

GERO 106: The Aging Brain and Related Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s disease is the number one preventable cause of death in the United States. Americans live unhealthy lifestyles, thus increasing the chances and severity of Alzheimer’s disease later in life. It is essential to live a healthy life now, so that later in life our brains stay healthy.

GERO 107: Behavior Challenges and Personality Changes with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Erratic, unpredictable behaviors are part of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, which cause the greatest frustration for family caregivers. What can seem to be an appropriate response is often the wrong response. Helping families understand behavioral challenges with this disease is crucial to teaching them how to better cope as each stage unfolds.

GERO 108: Short and Long-term Disability in the Aging

This lesson will focus on aging and the factors that contribute to the acceleration of aging and the development of disability in the elderly population. Common illnesses and risks for disability in aging will be discussed and explained.

GERO 109: Assisted Living and Long-term Care

The landscape of housing options available to the elderly can be very confusing. There are a lot of options and misconceptions given about the various housing and housing options. This session will discuss various forms of assisted living and long-term care and how to determine which is best for aging family members.

GERO 110: Financial Issues of the Aging: Estate Planning Basics for the Elderly

This session discusses the importance of estate planning and the six basic ways to conceptualize your estate needs: having a will, doing nothing, using joint ownership, making gifts, using beneficiary transfers, and having a living trust. Through this lesson, one will learn the importance of planning as opposed to reacting.

GERO 111: Ethical Issues and Elder Abuse

God cares for every man and women of every age. It is His desire for us to love, respect, and protect others. This session discusses the important topic of elder abuse and some of the ethical issues of dealing with the vulnerability of elders.

GERO 112: Faith and Spirituality in the Aging

The goal in this presentation is to help Christians to rethink, embellish and improve the knowledge and skills they have for helping older persons and their caregivers prepare spiritually and practically for the challenges associated with longer life.


Continuing Education 
12.00 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders. 

This training offered through Light University meets the ongoing CE requirements for counselors, life coaches, and crisis responders who are credentialed through the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC) or one of its affiliate boards: the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counseling (BCPPC); the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC); the Board of Mental Health Coaching (BMHC) and the Board of Christian Crisis and Trauma Response (BCCTR). For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit: https://lightuniversity.com/continuing-education-statements/. 

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