Blended Families 2.0

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Blended families are becoming more common in today’s society. This course is designed to help counselors understand why step-parenting can be both fragile and complex, as well as how it is different than most biological parenting, are critical to fostering a good family blend. Counselors will learn how to strengthen blended families in premarital counseling, ministry, and counseling contexts, and help them navigate the unique challenges of step-family living.

BF 101: Musical Homes: Understanding Stepfamily Complexity

Ron Deal, M.MFT. Runtime: 50 minutes 55 seconds
Nontraditional families are the new “traditional.” Given the prevalence of blended families in culture today, it is vital that people-helpers, ministry leaders, and professionals alike understand stepfamily complexity. This introductory presentation will explore the social context of stepfamilies and demonstrate how complex stepfamily dynamics can create stress and distress for blended families.

BF 102: Fostering Stepfamily Integration: Ministry and Counseling Essentials

Ron Deal, M.MFT. Runtime: 58 minutes 8 seconds
This presentation addresses a high-level view of counseling with stepfamilies and provides an overview of what the counselor is trying to accomplish. Specific issues that often come up, such as bonding, forging couple attachment, and managing the impact of loss on children, will be discussed. A brief case study will also be shared to bring context into the process.

BF 103: What Every Church Can Do: Effective Pre-Stepfamily Preparation

Ron Deal, M.MFT. Runtime: 1 hour 0 minutes
This presentation introduces three key elements of stepfamily ministry in a local church and offers a broad continuum of care with effective and practical options that every church can readily implement. Psychoeducational strategies, enrichment tools, and the essentials of pre-stepfamily counseling will also be explored in a more detailed manner.

Continuing Education

1.75 CE Credits available for LPC, LMFT.

2.75 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders.

The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) offers some psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers and play therapists Continuing Education (CE) credit due for good standing with certain states and a limited number of professional organizations. It remains the responsibility of each participant to be aware of state licensure and CE requirements. Participants should check their state and/or local regulations regarding required continuing education hours. For more information Light University Continuing Education programs, please visit: https://lightuniversity.com/continuing-education-statements/.